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ACW Reward Points

ACW Points cannot be redeemed against Storewide Promotional Items & Sale Items

ACW Points can only be redeemed against Orders above S$20 (excluding shipping fee)


Does my status get affected as I redeem my Points?
- No. As long as you have accumulated SGD800 spending over 6 months, your status will be maintained over the 6 months period

After 6 Months, I have only 200 ACW Points left after redemption.
How do I continue being a VIP Shopper?
- If your points are fully redeemed, just ensure that spending of S$800 is maintained over these 6 months 


By February 2017, Lily spent S$250 in November 2016, S$100 and S$120 in December 2016 respectively, S$65 and $35 respectively in Early January 2017. Therefore, at this point of time (February 2017), she would have accumulated:
November 2016 Purchase: $250 = x2 Points = 500 ACW Points
December 2016 Purchase: 100 + 120 Points = 220 ACW Points
January 2017 Purchase: 65 + 35 Points = 100 ACW Points

Total as of February 2017 = 820 ACW Points

Therefore, by February 2017, Lily would have attained VIP Status and this would be kept until August 2017. During this period, Lily redeemed her points and her total points as of August 2017 fell to 280 ACW Points.

However, if Lily ensured that during February-August 2017 while she's a VIP Shopper, her spending is kept at S$800 over these 6 months, Lily's VIP Membership will be extended for another 6 months till February 2018.

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