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We strive to keep you satisfied with the items your received. However, we understand that some outfits don't fit you as well as you think they might, therefore, feel free to arrange for an exchange of item/size or you can also return them for store credits with a validity period of one month.

Returns are accepted within 10 days from the date of receipt, un-used with tags (only applies if apparels came with drop-tags) and in original packaging.

*WEF 28th December 2020-11th February 2021, all returns/exchanges will incur a fee of S$2 per item (exchange for size remains FOC, S$2 fee will apply for change of design/colour)*

The following items are NOT ELIGIBLE for returns:

- Sale Items
- Seasonal Pieces
- Items purchased during storewide promotions where returns are strictly not allowed

Store credits will be issued directly to your Anticlockwise account. Kindly login to your account with us before reaching check-out page. Upon reaching final check-out, you will be able to redeem your store credits accordingly. Kindly note that items purchased with the usage of store credits will not be eligible for further returns/exchanges

Please read the following as these reasons might disqualify your return & exchange:

1. Colour of your item may differ due to different computer resolutions.
2. You should also allow for up to 1" difference for all apparels as every piece is manufactured individually and differently.
3. Printed Pieces tend to vary due to different placements on fabric.
4. Colourblocking/Coloured/Stitching & Embroidery pieces should ALWAYS be hand-washed and separated immediately to prevent any colour run. Rinsing or Soaking such pieces are strictly not advised. In cases of colour run due to customer fault, returns/exchanges will not be allowed.

Therefore, Anticlockwise will reject all returns & exchanges for the above mentioned.

All minor defects (small washable stains, loose threads, inner defects which cannot be seen on the outside etc.) will also not qualify for the Returns & Exchange Process.

Lastly, exchanges are strictly not allowed for products purchased from third parties.


Anticlockwise reserves the right to reject all returns & exchanges. Items mailed back without prior agreement will not be entertained. Please write us an email to with your Order number and Snapshots of the item to enquire if your item has qualified for the Returns & Exchange Process. Items returned will be further inspected and if defects are not found upon physical inspection despite earlier photos/evidence, returns & exchange will be rejected. Customer will be required to top-up the mailing fee required for us to re-mail the product.

1. For items that are deemed defective
Exchanges will be made for the similar item & colour only. If the item is still available, the  product will be checked thoroughly and sent out within 1-2 working days after notification from customer.
A new piece will be sent to you via Roadbull who will then retrieve the defective piece at your doorstep to complete the exchange upon delivery of the new item.
In the event that the item & colour is out of stock, a full refund will be processed within 5 working days after receival of returned item. Postage costs incurred (non-inclusive of envelope & packaging fees incurred etc) in this situation will be borne by Anticlockwise. Please note that customers are strongly encouraged to return the defective item via Smartpac/Registered Mail as ACW is not responsible for any missing parcels.
2. For incorrect item/sizes/colours sent
Exchanges will be made for the item and colour the customer ordered. If the item is still available, the product will be checked thoroughly and sent out within 1-2 working days after notification from customer.
A new piece will be sent to you via Roadbull who will then retrieve the defective piece at your doorstep to complete the exchange upon delivery of the new item.
3. For exchange of sizes/colours due to a misfit or change in customers' preferences
Exchanges can be arranged within 10 working days after item is received. Customer can choose either a different design, colour or size that suits your preference. Please note that your item must qualify for the return & exchange process.
For all exchanges due to preference change, customers are required to bear a S$4.10 Courier Fee where Roadbull will deliver the new item to you and retrieve back the old piece at your place of convenience.
If you are looking at changing your item for a different design which is of a higher value, a top up is necessary. If you are changing your item for a different design which is of a lower value, refunds will only be made in store credits (with a validity of 1 month)


We also allow for returns in exchange for store credits if you do not have any particular item that catches your eye at the moment. The store credits will be valid for one month from date of issue.

In cases of returns in exchange for store credits, any reward points utilised will be considered used and will not be included in the store credits

Please note that when your total order falls below 2 items in your order after the item(s) have been returned, the complimentary unsubsidised courier fee rate of S$4.10 will be deducted from your store credits as it would be deemed that the transaction did not take place.


FOR ALL RETURNS due to customer preference change, postage costs incurred will have to be completely borne by the customer. We strongly recommend customers opt for Smartpac/Registered Postage during the return as ACW will not be responsible for all lost parcels.

FOR ALL RETURNS with payment methods via Atome (0% interest over 3 instalments), a further 6% administrative fee incurred with Atome will be deducted from your store credits

Leona purchased 2 Items, each costing S$36.90 and S$37.90 respectively
Leona is also a ACW Gold Member which entitles her to a 10% discount storewide
Total Order will therefore be: (36.90 + 37.90)*0.9 = S$67.32 and Leona decided to make payment via Atome (0% interest over 3 instalments)

Leona received her order and decided to return the S$36.90 Item for store credits.
Store Credits returned will be: $36.90 * 0.9 (10% discount used) = S$33.21 * 0.94 (6% administrative fee incurred will be deducted from customer's store credits) = S$31.22

As the total order fell below 2 items, a further S$4.10 of incurred courier fee will be deducted from Leona. Total store credits refunded to Leona: 31.22-4.10 = S$S$27.12
All return & exchange items can be mailed to:
Marine Parade PO Box 664
Singapore (914406)
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